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In today's global village, finding real nature and true cultural experiences is becoming difficult. There are places still undiscovered. Nicaragua is just such a place, a country with an unspoiled natural beauty and a warm and vibrant culture that is totally unpretentious.

Nicaragua's undiscovered nature is nothing less than stunning. The tropical country is home to 73 nature reserves, which cover more than 21,000 square km. Nicaragua has the largest expanse of uncut rain forest north of the Amazon Basin. The flora and fauna is as diverse as any place on the planet. The massive, exotic Lake Nicaragua, Central America's largest body of fresh water, is home to over 425 volcanic islands, including the dual volcano, Island of Ometepe and three distinct tropical archipelagos. Nicaragua's is also the land of dozens of jungle-lined rivers and more than 12 crater lakes. Travelers can also enjoy both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Nicaragua is lined with an amazing length of undeveloped coastline and virgin beaches. Many come to Nicaragua to experience its majestic volcanoes, more than 58, seven of which are active. Nicaragua's volcanoes are not only inspiring to the eye, but also great for nature and rural trekking and hiking.

Nicaragua is much, much more than untouched nature. It is home to a rich and diverse culture with an unsurpassed passion for poetry. In fact Nicaragua's greatest national heroes are poets. It has other surprises, like the fact that baseball, not soccer, is the national pastime. Traditional dances and music are loved by all Nicaraguans and are performed in villages and cities all over the country, year round. In the countryside the country's beautiful landscape is dotted by small towns and villages, many with expert artisans making specialized, hand-made crafts. This is a rustic countryside, where horse and ox carts are the most common mode of transport. Nicaragua also has two beautiful colonial Spanish cities León and Granada, both among the oldest European settlements in the Western Hemisphere. They house timeless architecture and numerous unique colonial period churches. Visitors will find a country very different from media stereotypes. Nicaragua is tranquil, with people who are warm, open and humorous.

Nicaragua welcomes you to break away from the crowd and consider the peaceful land of sun and volcanoes, colonial cities and lakes, deserted islands and beaches, rivers and tropical forests, highland villages and artisan's markets.



Enjoy the beatiful view of the Maderas and Concepción Volcanoes located in one of the largest islands of the world in fresh water. Go back in time in one of the most antique cities of America “GRANADA”, visit the most active crater in Nicaragua “Santiago” at the Masaya Volcano, then take a while for shopping at the Masaya´s Crafts Market where you will find just about any imaginable item.

Tour Includes: Round Trip A/C Transportation, bilingual guide, emigration entrance fees to Nicaragua, Departure tax from Nicaragua, City tour in Granada, lunch, tour to Masaya Volcano, shopping tour in Masaya´s Market.

Recommendations: T-shirt, long pants, tennis shoes, Passport, money for the Masaya market, camera.

Duration: Full day


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Nicaragua Tour
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